Speaker Biography

Patama Vajamun, R.N

Dr. Patama Vajamun, R.N.  Dr.P.H. (Nursing) Faculty of community health nursing department, Institute of Nursing Suranaree University of Technology

     Specialized area: Ophthalmic Nursing Practitioner, elderly care, chronic care, cancer care and palliative care.


Stroke is the leading cause of death and handicap in Thailand even though the national chronic disease control program was implemented for many years in contrast the problems continuously increasing according to changing to elderly society. Thai VHVs are provided basic health care and health promotion is one of the key success of health care improvement in Thailand. Methodology: 10 VHVs were trained for changing health behaviors of villagers and how to used SUT Stroke Risk Tool (SSRT) to assessed and classified risk factors of target group to guided individuals for changed their significant modifiable health behaviors. 50% of VHVs could encouraged 96% (48) of the risk group changed to healthy behaviors; increase regular exercises, decrease BP, BS, weight, waist, cholesterols, salt, sweet, and alcohol consumption including gave up smoking. Only 4% (2) of them were uncontrolled and referred to the hospital for health check up. It revealed that specific training of VHVs by employed SSRT  as a tool  could increased healthy behaviors among people who were at risk of stroke in Nonglak village and non of  them developed stroke within a year follow up.So that further study may be benefit in general population.